Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Visonia album/video

The official video for 'Die Reisen', the collaborative track released at the start of this year by Visonia and Dopplereffekt, can be viewed at this link. It has been up for a long time now but had passed me by. It was directed by Virginie Von Virou who has also worked with Victoria Lukas on videos for Zerkalo, Vita and Weltgeist. The director's Vimeo channel is here. Anyone waiting for the Visonia album, Impossible Romance, which features 'Die Reisen' can expect it in November on Last Known Trajectory. The track has already been available on 12", which according to its Discogs entry, has already been re-pressed. Details and pre-order for album here.

Dopplereffekt currently have one new upcoming live show to my knowledge on 11th Nov in Paris, France. They are also due to play on 22nd Nov in London, England.

After a delay the reissues of Drexciya's Neptune's Lair and Transllusion's The Opening of the Cerebral Gate appear to be close (NL can be ordered now). There is an interesting Pitchfork review of both albums here too


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