Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Dopplereffekt/Objekt - Hypnagogia 12"

There is an upcoming split 12", Hypnagogia, between Dopplereffekt and Objekt. It will be on Leisure Systems, who also released Dopplereffekt's Tetrahymena EP in 2013. The Dopplereffekt track is called 'Delta Wave'. It won't be available until September 1st and will be on 12" and download. This revealing blurb about it is on the labels website. More from Resident Advisor at this link. On the Leisure System Facebook they have been saying that 'Delta Wave' can be heard somewhere online but they want people to find it. I certainly burned up some search engine time and looked in some likely places to no success but from today (6/8/14) they have put up the Objekt track at this link. 'Delta Wave' now shared here.

Hallucinations storm the border between wakefulness and sleep. Accurate perceptions give way to distorted visions, senses torn and split through. Borne of mutual inspiration, legendary duo Dopplereffekt and sonic adventurer Objekt present Hypnagogia, a split 12″ on Leisure System, with each transmission derived from a shared journey into extrasensory perception and subconscious thought.

Described only as bassy techno in the RA piece you can hear some of the Berlin based Objekt's music and mixes at this SoundCloud link.

Leisure Systems have already had to do a repress of Dopplereffekt's Tetrahymena 12" with a generic black sleeve. Discogs link for it here.

Some upcoming Dopplereffekt shows and info links


Blogger mechanesthesia said...

According to the FB page of the record label, you can find a preview of that track somewhere...

8:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was actually expecting to find it here!

10:01 PM  
Blogger mechanesthesia said...

Hahaha! Me too!
What if, PLOT TWIST, Drexciya Research Lab is Gerald Donald!

10:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Important news regarding Friday's show...

Due to circumstances beyond our control we have been forced to move the show to another venue. Unfortunately Islington Mill have been having some trouble with the environmental health department regarding noise issues and are at risk of losing their 24 hour license if they don't cooperate fully with the local council for the time being, until the issue is resolved.

The way in which the event is experienced by the artists and the audience is our absolute priority, so rather than taking any risks or having to impose any kind of restrictions, we have decided that a venue change is the most positive and sensible way to deal with the current situation.

The show will now be held at the the equally charming Antwerp Mansion. We are more than happy with this as a second choice of venue, and feel it will be perfectly suited to Dopplereffekts live show and the event as a whole.

For anybody coming from out of town, the venue is only a couple of miles outside the city centre. An easy and cheap bus or taxi ride.

We appreciate in advance your understanding and support.

Although this has been a very tricky and frustrating situation to deal with, we are confident with the choices that have been made and nothing could possibly dampen our enthusiasm or excitement surrounding the show.

Dopplereffekt incoming!



9:30 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

New Der Zyklus!

4:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

preview of delta wave

12:42 PM  

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