Friday, May 16, 2014

Dopplereffekt live at Sight & Sound and talk

Dopplereffekt will be playing live in Montreal, Canada at the Sight & Sound festival on Saturday 24th May. Earlier that day at 2pm I will be doing an hour long talk on Science Fiction and Early Techno (this is one of their many free events during the festival). For funding reasons I will now be doing it remotely but please drop by if you can and see me on the big screen! One of the many images from my presentation below (I couldn't not mention the great Abdul Haqq!). Please Note: Sadly due to technical issues at the venue my talk will not now be happening.

Dopplereffekt are also now confirmed to play in Manchester, England on Friday 8th August, tickets are on sale and details can be found at these Facebook and Resident Advisor links.

By the way I just came across this fun DJ Deeon track from 1998 called 'Shake Dat Butt' that does unspeakable things to Dopplereffekt's 'Master Organism' aka 'Superior Race' at this YouTube link. Details of release at Discogs.

Also I've been archiving some of my other writing on music recently at a new website I am calling Abstract Analogue. I plan on putting some new writing up there as well from time to time.