Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Drexciya Projects Tresor

During a random image search yesterday I came across evidence of what looked like a new forthcoming Drexciya reissue. I'm wasn't sure when the material was posted but one of Tresor's graphic designers, KYK Design Studio, have a number of images for a Transllusion/Shifted Phases double CD on their website under the title Drexciya Projects. I could find no other mention of this release anywhere, including on the Tresor website. Today I found the same images on a type of graphic design showcase website which were posted in November 2008 so perhaps this was a released they had planned but pulled?

Transllusion's The Opening Of The Cerebral Gate originally came out on Supremat (one of Tresors sub labels) in 2001 and Shifted Phases The Cosmic Memoirs of the Late Great Rupert J Rosinthorpe appeared on Tresor in 2002 (both part of Drexciya's 7 album Storm Series). There are no extra tracks on either release (a shame as there are 2 amazing exclusive tracks on the Transllusion 12" Mind Over Positive and Negative Matter). Regardless, these albums have become very rare and expensive for fans to purchase so it would be great to have them available again, even if they were to be limited.

There is no indication there would ever be more in the pipeline (if they ever were to revisit this idea) but Tresor also released Neptune's Lair, Hydro Doorways 12", Digital Tsumami 12" and Harnessed The Storm by Drexciya as well so here's hoping. You can cast an eye on this Drexciya and Related Amazon price guide I did awhile back to see how much some of their other deleted releases are now worth, any and all of which should be reissued in my opinion. Judging by this we are getting closer to the Storm Series boxset anyway :)


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