Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Heinrich Mueller remix of ARD2 Night Lights

On the new ARD2 12”, Night Lights, on SETI, there is a Heinrich Mueller remix/remodel of 'Closed Timelike Curve Restructure'. Out now.

I found this blurb about it…SETI recordings tune in to a new ArD2 transmission. With the title night lights this 5 track EP explores the dystopian ArD2 universe with 4 tracks that go from the atmospheric low tempo beats to the heavy bass club orientated records. Additionally the EP contains a Heinrich Mueller guest appearance remixing one of the tracks found in the record. ArD2 is an electronic music project based in George Orwells novel 1984 that combines music and sounds instead of words to tell a story set in a near future. Project developed by producers Penelope Martin (Zwischenwelt, NRSB-11) and Ekis along with visual distorter Desh.

Soundcloud snippets of all the tracks are linked at the groups website.

Worldwide distribution is by Rubadub and the following links are just some of the shops selling it