Monday, October 07, 2013

Dopplereffekt - Tetrahymena review

Leisure System 12”/DL

If you are only following up Dopplereffekt since their Calabi Yau Space (2007) album the big surprise for you here might be that the first track on this EP, ‘Tetrahymena’, has such a big and fast paced sound. It’s still cold, dark and clinical and has many of the Mueller signatures still in place however (as well as some new ones) but is quite dance-able and a sure signpost he has moved on from his more experimental template of 7 and more years ago. A track for the head as well as the feet.

‘Gene Silencing’ takes a marked step back from the opener though in both tempo and brightness. It’s the type of track he does so well though; it broods along and pulls you in deeper to its core with repeated listens. I like the quietly epic groove it quickly establishes and the number of different melody lines it has subtly working together throughout its 4 minute length. Accessible while dark and foreboding.

Final track ‘Zygote’ is the one we might have expected him to make, more of a soundscape which would not have sounded out of place on Calabi Yau Space. It moves along at a slow tempo introducing various noises and effects along the way. Early on it reminded me of ‘Spider Theory’ by his mysterious 2006 MySpace project Black Replica, eerie.

The second two tracks are already available on YouTube and this official link to the title track is up on SoundCloud if you need to sample. Hopefully more new Dopplereffekt of this quality to come soon.


Anonymous Herr Jan said...

Hey DRL, maybe an update about the last Clone compilation? Already one previously unreleased track uploaded to youtube by Clone:

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