Thursday, October 31, 2013

Der Zyklus re-issues

Clone have re-issued two classic Der Zyklus tracks, ‘Elektronisches Zeitecho’ and ‘Mathematische Modelle’ on their Aqualung label. They are both from the Der Zyklus II 12” on Gigolo that are now, scarily, 12 years old and still sound so fresh. The other tracks from the first two Der Zyklus 12”’s on Gigolo were already re-issued by Clone on their Frustrated Funk label back in 2006. If you thought they had picked the best from those two 12’s for that release think again, all the tracks there are pretty much indispensable and the re-issue of the two remaining tracks goes to prove that. There are now 3 releases on this label (Aqualung), the first two of which are by Zerkalo, which makes this a Mueller only related label. They have kept the same artwork throughout as well. I look forward to more releases on it then, archival and otherwise! Available to purchase at this link and edits of the tracks can be heard here.

Clone have also re-issued Cherenkov Radiation 12” by Der Zyklus on blue-green translucent vinyl on Frustrated Funk. This originally came out in 2008 on dark purple (so dark it might as well have been black!) on the same sub-label and they must feel demand for it is there to press it again. It’s listed as available at this link on Clone (but it doesn’t state whether it’s the repress) but it is listed at this link on Discogs with a few copies for sale. Hopefully all this Der Zyklus related activity might signal new material by this project soon. Time will tell.  


Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is an excerpt of Heinrich's latest remix for a new Ard2 project called 'Night Lights'.

Here it is on Soundcloud :

Sounds kinda rough and ready to me.

8:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi. Is Black Replica singer Victoria Lukas?

8:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

No the Black Replica singer is not Victoria Lukas...and has not appeared on any other project.

11:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

RE: Victoria Lucas being the singer on Black Replica: Then needs to fix their description of the Zerkalo releases.

"On these two Zerkalo EPs Mueller works with Victoria Lucas, whose arid vocals appeared on the shadowy Black Replica tracks available through their myspace." -Boomkat

11:33 AM  

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