Thursday, October 31, 2013

Der Zyklus re-issues

Clone have re-issued two classic Der Zyklus tracks, ‘Elektronisches Zeitecho’ and ‘Mathematische Modelle’ on their Aqualung label. They are both from the Der Zyklus II 12” on Gigolo that are now, scarily, 12 years old and still sound so fresh. The other tracks from the first two Der Zyklus 12”’s on Gigolo were already re-issued by Clone on their Frustrated Funk label back in 2006. If you thought they had picked the best from those two 12’s for that release think again, all the tracks there are pretty much indispensable and the re-issue of the two remaining tracks goes to prove that. There are now 3 releases on this label (Aqualung), the first two of which are by Zerkalo, which makes this a Mueller only related label. They have kept the same artwork throughout as well. I look forward to more releases on it then, archival and otherwise! Available to purchase at this link and edits of the tracks can be heard here.

Clone have also re-issued Cherenkov Radiation 12” by Der Zyklus on blue-green translucent vinyl on Frustrated Funk. This originally came out in 2008 on dark purple (so dark it might as well have been black!) on the same sub-label and they must feel demand for it is there to press it again. It’s listed as available at this link on Clone (but it doesn’t state whether it’s the repress) but it is listed at this link on Discogs with a few copies for sale. Hopefully all this Der Zyklus related activity might signal new material by this project soon. Time will tell.  

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Drexciya - Journey of the Deep Sea Dweller IV

Clone Classic Cuts will release the fourth in their Journey of the Deep Sea Dweller series of Drexciya reissues in December. It looks to have the most unreleased tracks from the Drexciyan vaults of the series to date with no less than five full tracks and one unreleased interlude. Full track listing below. It will be on CD/2LP and download with CD to be available first on 3rd December. Remastering was done as usual by Alden Tyrell.  Snippets of all of them can be listened to at this Clone link or alternately at Clone’s Soundcloud.  I’m not sure if this is the last one, I think I read somewhere the fourth would be the last (final track here is ‘The last Transmission’ too) but it has been quite a journey for new and old fans alike and made the music available again, introduced it to many new fans and went a long way to ensuring their continued legacy for a long time to come. Well done to Clone for their commitment in realizing the project.

01. Intro (The Unknown Aquazone)
02. Depressurization
03. Water Walker
04. Mantaray
05. Unknown Journey VI
06. Unknown Journey VII
07. Unknown Journey VIII
08. Living on the Edge
09. Hydro Cubes
10. Unknown Journey IX
11. Unknown Journey X
12. Aquatic Bata Particles
13. (Unknown Interlude)
14. Black Sea
15. Sighting in the Abyss
16. The Last transmission

Monday, October 28, 2013

Drexciya & related discography

It’s been 3 years since I last updated the Drexciya and related discography, which I originally compiled for a post on the site back in 2007. There has been a fair amount of new releases since then and hopefully you will find a project or release or two you may not have been aware of. As before I’ve kept it simple, if you want the details I would recommend a search on Discogs (where right now someone is trying to sell a copy of the Clarence 12" for big money). A few years ago I also made a Listmania of all the CD's on this list currently available at Amazon which I have just updated which might help you tracking some of the more elusive of them down as well. Hope you like the Drexciya flow chart I did, good hunting! 

Hyperspace Sound Lab 12" (Flurescent Forest 1991)

Glass Domain
S/T 12"( Pornophonic Sound Disc 1991/Clone 2003)

Balance of Terror 12" (Hardwax 1992/Clone 2003)

Deep Sea Dweller 12" (Shockwave 1993/UR 2003)
Drexciya 2 12” aka Bubble Metropolis (UR 1993)
Drexciya 3 12” aka Molecular Enhancement (Rephlex 1994/Submerge 1995)
Drexciya 4 dbl 12” aka The Unknown Aquazone (Submerge 1994)
Drexciya 5 12” aka The Journey Home (Warp 1995)
Aquatic Invasion 12” (UR 1995)
The Return of Drexciya 12" (UR 1996)
Uncharted 12” (S.I.D. 1997)
The Quest CD/2LP (Submerge 1997)
Neptune's Lair CD/2LP (Tresor 1999)
Hydro Doorways 12" (Tresor 2000)
Digital Tsumami 12"(Tresor 2001)
Harnessed The Storm CD/2LP (Tresor 2002)
Drexcyen R.E.S.T. Principle 12" (Clone 2002)
Grava 4 CD/2LP (Clone 2002)

Journey of the Deep Sea Dweller I CD/2LP (2011 Clone Classic Cuts)
Journey of the Deep Sea Dweller II CD/2LP (2012 Clone Classic Cuts)
Journey of the Deep Sea Dweller III CD/2LP (2013 Clone Classic Cuts)
Journey of the Deep Sea Dweller IV CD/2LP (2013 Clone Classic Cuts)

Kilohertz 12" (Warp 1995)
Electroworld CD/Cass/2LP (Warp 1995)

‘Superior Race’/’Cellular Phone' 7" (Dataphysix 1994)
Fascist State 12" (Dataphysix 1994)
Infophysix 12" (Dataphysix 1995)
Sterilization 12" (Dataphysix 1997)
Scientist 10” (Gigolo Records 1999)
Gesamtkunstwerk CD/Cass/2LP (Gigolo Records 1999/Clone Classic Cuts 2007)
Scientist 12” (Gigolo Records 2001)
‘Myon-Neutrino’/’Z-Boson’ 12" (Gigolo Records 2002)
Linear Accelerator CD (Gigolo Records 2003)
Calabi Yau Space CD/2LP (Rephlex 2007)

Tetrahymena 12” (Leisure System 2013)

Rotoreliefs 12" (Planet E 1995)
Nausicaa 12" (Planet E 1995)

Der Zyklus
S/T Der Zyklus 12" (Gigolo Records 1998)
Der Zyklus II 12"(Gigolo Records 2001)
‘Biometric ID’ 12"(Dub 2004)
Biometry CD/2LP (Dub 2004)
S/T Der Zyklus 12" (Frustrated Funk 2006)
Cherenkov Radiation 12" (Frustrated Funk 2008)

Split 12” with Albert van Abbe ‘Von Neumann Replicator’ 12” (No Comment 2012)
Krypton 84 12” (WeMe Records 2012)
'Elektronisches Zeitcho'/'Mathematische Modelle' 12" (Clone Aqualung 2013)

Japanese Telecom
S/T 12" aka Rising Sun (Intuit Solar 1999)
Virtual Geisha CD/2LP (Gigolo Records 2001)

‘Are You Wireless?’ 12" (Record Makers 2002)
Wireless Internet CD/2LP (Record Makers 2002)
Quantum Transposition CD/2LP (Rephlex 2005)
‘Reference Frame' 12" (Record Makers 2006)
Inertial Frame CD/2LP (Record Makers 2006)

Mind Over Positive and Negative Dimensional Matter 12"(Supremat Records 2001)
The Opening of the Cerebral Gate CD/2LP (Supremat 2001)
Don't Be Afraid of Evolution 12" (Rephlex 2002)
L.I.F.E. CD/LP (Rephlex 2002)

The Other People Place
Lifestyles of the Laptop Cafe CD/2LP (Warp 2001)
Sunday Night Live at the Laptop Cafe 12" feat Mystic Tribe A.I. (Clone 2002)

Abstract Thought
Hypothetical Situations CD/2LP (Kombination Research 2002)

Shifted Phases
The Cosmic Memoirs of the Late Great Rupert J Rosinthrope CD/2LP (Tresor 2002)

Lab Rat XL
Mice or Cyborg CD/2LP (Clone 2002)

Heinrich Mueller
Drexciyan Connection 12" (WeMe Records 2009)

Stoi Storoni Zerkala Part 1 12" (Clone Aqualung 2009)
Stoi Storoni Zerkala Part 2 12" (Clone Aquallung 2009)
Experiment Zero 12" (Frustrated Funk 2010)

Experiment Defined 12" (WeMe 2010)

Paranormale Aktivitat CD (Rephlex 2011)

S/T 12” (WeMe2012)
Commodified CD/2LP (WeMe 2013)

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Dopplereffekt in the FT

There are a few new quotes from Heinrich Mueller in the Financial Times online edition of all places (perhaps in print as well), in an article about music and particle physics. Great new picture of them there too in an interesting piece.

There is a SoundCloud link up now for one of the latest unreleased Drexciya tracks ‘Unknown Journey IX’, from the soon to be released Journey of the Deep Sea Dweller IV on Clone Classic Cuts as well.

Monday, October 07, 2013

Dopplereffekt - Tetrahymena review

Leisure System 12”/DL

If you are only following up Dopplereffekt since their Calabi Yau Space (2007) album the big surprise for you here might be that the first track on this EP, ‘Tetrahymena’, has such a big and fast paced sound. It’s still cold, dark and clinical and has many of the Mueller signatures still in place however (as well as some new ones) but is quite dance-able and a sure signpost he has moved on from his more experimental template of 7 and more years ago. A track for the head as well as the feet.

‘Gene Silencing’ takes a marked step back from the opener though in both tempo and brightness. It’s the type of track he does so well though; it broods along and pulls you in deeper to its core with repeated listens. I like the quietly epic groove it quickly establishes and the number of different melody lines it has subtly working together throughout its 4 minute length. Accessible while dark and foreboding.

Final track ‘Zygote’ is the one we might have expected him to make, more of a soundscape which would not have sounded out of place on Calabi Yau Space. It moves along at a slow tempo introducing various noises and effects along the way. Early on it reminded me of ‘Spider Theory’ by his mysterious 2006 MySpace project Black Replica, eerie.

The second two tracks are already available on YouTube and this official link to the title track is up on SoundCloud if you need to sample. Hopefully more new Dopplereffekt of this quality to come soon.