Wednesday, July 10, 2013

NRSB-11 - Commodified

Some more details of the debut album by NRSB-11 (Heinrich Mueller and DJ Stingray) which was first mentioned in September 2012 have been made known. It is to be called Commodified and will be released by WeMe Records on 2LP and CD on 9th September 2013.The track-list is below. Audio samples of all the tracks can be heard at this Clone link. The CD only tracks are from the EP that came out by them on WeMe last year. For my review of this EP and other NRSB-11 info follow this link.

1. Intro
2. Consumer Programming
3. Bioethics
4. Living Wage
5. Laundered
6. Market Forces
7. Offshore Banking
8. Dead Civilization
9. Globalization
10. Industrial Espionage
11. Austerity
12. Shadow Corp
13. 685-471 2 (CD Only)
14. 6231-748 3 (CD Only)
15. 685-471 1 (CD Only)

Great new Mueller related mix I came across.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great news! From audio samples album looks really promising and might be my personal favourite of 2013. Of course, what else can be expected from two best electro producers.

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