Monday, July 22, 2013

Jauzas The Shining remix

Heinrich Mueller has done a remix for the upcoming 12” EP by Jauzas The Shining. The track is ‘Bohrium’ and the EP also features vocals by Victoria Lukas of Zerkalo on two of its other tracks, it will be out on Last Known Trajectory label soon. While they wouldn’t have collaborated on any of these tracks, hopefully this (and the recent remix he did for Lukas’s Vita project) might be a sign of new material from both of them as Zerkalo in the future. Its been too long! You can listen to all the tracks from the EP here.


Anonymous Herr Jan said...

I had brief contact with VL back in februari, where she spoke on Zerkalo:

"zerkalo is not finished, gerald and i are just busy with other projects at the moment "

4:20 PM  

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