Friday, June 07, 2013

New Dopplereffekt EP and remix on way

According to FactMag we can expect the first new Dopplereffekt stand alone release since their Calabi Yau Space album in 2007 later in the year. They say an EP will be released on the label Leisure System. Will keep you posted on this when I know more. Check this link for full story.

In July there will be a new 12“ by Albert van Abbe, Rytumtraks, which will feature a ‘Rudolf Klorzeiger remodel’ on his label No Comment. This will be the third time Mueller has worked with this label since another remix in 2011 and a Der Zyklus 12” in 2012. Until then you can listen to this new contribution as well as the other brilliant tracks on the single at this SoundCloud link. You can listen and pre-order to it at this Clone link as well.

The January 2013 Heinrich Mueller interview in EBM is now available on their online edition at this link.

Victoria Lukas of Zerkalo has just released her new album Infinity under the name Vita on Clone. The cover is beautiful and the music is too, listen to a preview of its tracks at this link. See cover on the Zerkalo Tumblr now. There is also to be a Vita remix 10" featuring a Heinrich Mueller Remix of 'The Ultimate Collapsing'. It can be listened to and pre-ordered here.

A beginner's guide to the music of Heinrich Mueller might also be useful to some people at this FactMag link.


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