Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Drexciya film

A short science fiction film inspired by the Drexciyan myth has been made on location in Africa. Entitled Drexciya (2012), an April screening of the 28 minute film was held in Germany a few weeks back, which put it on my radar. Hopefully it will be screened again or put online at some point. It’s described thus…

The science fiction short by Simon Rittmeier (co-produced by Carolin Christgau, director of GZK/ UGCS) turns the world upside down: Thomas works as a smuggler for European refugees that seek for a better living in Africa. As one day his boat sinks he is the only survivor to reach the African coast and starts a journey to reach Drexciya – a highly developed metropolis. A science fiction approach on the situation between Africa and Europe.

An intriguing looking trailer for it can be viewed here

There is not much happening to my knowledge with Herr Mueller or his collaborative projects, nor with Drexciya reissues etc lately but I have been keeping busy archiving some of my old music (Memory Cells and Secret Society), doing a new art project and publishing a new book about my art, Deeper into Nothing.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great to read your latest thoughts Stephen. I can just relate to your words of wisdom since I have experienced that very feeling of pointlessness while alone, walking in Iceland to capture of few significant pictures braving fierce winds and snow.

I get excited too about the blank space, the void, the emptiness, the expenses and what is left for us to see, grasp, materialize, write, ... The '' what else is there ?''. I am busy with these for a practice based PhD now.

Just in case have you read Lines : A Brief History from Tim Ingold ? I highly recommend it, it is a great great great book. Here's a good quote that complement the approach you describe in the intro:

''It makes no more sense to ask about the speed of wayfaring than it does to ask about the speed of life. What matters is not how fast one moves, in terms of the ratio distance to elapsed time, but that this movement should be in phase with, or attuned to, the movements of other phenomena of the inhabited world.''

Good on you !


11:10 AM  
Blogger Stephen said...

Thanks for taking the time to read it and share your own thoughts. Will check out Tim Ingold. all best

1:38 PM  
Anonymous leasymoney said...

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Anonymous Allison said...

This is cool!

2:38 AM  

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