Friday, November 02, 2012

Journey of the Deep Sea Dweller III

Clone have snippets of all of the tracks from Journey of the Deep Sea Dweller III on their SoundCloud. It opens with the spoken intro of ‘Smokey’s Illegitimate Report’ from 1996’s The Return of Drexciya and from there on the tracks are all over the map of their early releases as usual. This installment of the series comes with two unreleased tracks however. One has a female vocal that goes, “Flying fish over the metropolis”, and is actually pretty surprising to hear and even on first listen is very very good. The second one is instrumental and sounds quality too. They are listing the release for 3rd December 2012 on 2LP and CD. Only one more to go after this!

Some live footage of Arpanet in London on 12th October 2012 has appeared on YouTube.