Sunday, September 30, 2012

NRSB-11 album announced

WeMe are currently listing an album by NRSB-11 coming soon on double LP. This collaboration between Heinrich Mueller and DJ Stingray has already produced one 12” on WeMe. My review of that release can be read here to fill in the details of the project.

Italian producer Frederico Leocata has been speaking about how Heinrich Mueller helped him get his music out. “I contacted Heinrich Müller in 2009 during the worst period of my life. We talked a lot and one night I decided to send my songs. The next day I checked my mail and, making compliments, he asked me the permission to send them to record labels close to him and so came Wémè.” Full interview at this link.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Im so excited for this double LP!

8:46 AM  
Anonymous karl said...

I just uploaded 10 minutes from the Arpanet-gig in London. It was a great show but the crowd was weird.

Thanks for a great blog!


3:02 PM  
Anonymous lizymoney said...

Two great new tracks on this

3:10 PM  

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