Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Arpanet live set & Drexciya tribute mixes

Snippets of 10 new Arpanet tracks from their current live show can now be heard on one of their booking agents, Futurity Works, SoundCloud. Some promising tracks here and quite different from the Dopplereffekt live sets for sure. Hopefully a sign of a new album at some point but I wouldn’t hold my breath. Check then out at this link.


I’m not sure how effective my idea to tell someone about Drexciya via Facebook, Twitter, real-world etc on James Stinson’s 10 year anniversary was (I did see reports on Twitter that for some people it was very noticeable on their chosen social network) but I do know that the traffic levels on DRL suddenly jumped 4 times the normal level that day and it tapered off to normal again over next few days. Perhaps it made some positive if intangible difference but he was remembered by many anyway. At least one more tribute mix to him was made as well, check it..

A 3 part tribute to Drexciya is currently being broadcast by a Dutch radio station, details here but first part is a mix so far.
First part can be listened to here.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

These snippets don't cohere to a one strong idea. It is vastly unrefined and goes in very different directions to form a possible upcoming album to me. The musical approach also derives certain writing concepts they developed under the Dopplereffekt guise. There's even one track that sounds like Shatterprone, Glass Domain !

Five stars to the second track though, there's a strong sense of refinement and drive to it.

7:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


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Anonymous Anonymous said...


Coming Soon

WeMe023 DMX Krew Ep

WeMe024 MNLTH Ep

WeMe313.9 Dj Stingray 2Lp

WeMe313.10 NRSB-11 2Lp

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