Friday, August 31, 2012

Tell someone about Drexciya

“There's a lot of things that go on in the ocean now. There's a lot of undiscovered territories, uncharted areas and stuff like that. I adopted the same way that you view the waters, with the depths, creatures, and undiscovered territories, it's the same way I see the music. That’s the way I like to approach it, because I want it to be endless. I want it to be as innovative as it can possibly be. I want it to be the most creative. I want it to be that spark of life for whatever I do, so that’s the reason I adopted the whole background and whole theme of water, for it's longevity. Water was here at the beginning before we existed and water will be here when we go away. It’s beautiful.”
James Stinson 2002

The 10 year anniversary of James Stinson’s death will be on Monday 3rd September this year and you don’t need me to tell you that his music with Drexciya is more popular today than ever before. There is still something so fresh and unique about their sound that it could have been released last week and thanks to Clone and others it is being released again or at least kept mostly in press, although it is ultimately the fans, new and old, that drive demand and keep interest in the music alive. For electronic music especially to still sound so fresh is difficult, with many other genuine innovators in this field sounding so dated and very much of their time 10 or almost 20 years later in the case of Drexciya’s earliest music. Staying so long underground certainly helped them in this but in my opinion it was also because what they did was always original, fun and treated as an experiment. They also had a great concept behind it all that continues to speak to many different types of people in many different ways. I posted this early to give you a few days to think what to do but maybe on this special anniversary you could tell a friend about Drexciya by posting your favourite video on Facebook or Twitter, making a mixtape for someone or just talking to someone that maybe hasn’t heard about them yet.

I also found this article on hip hip/club icons that died too soon and there is James alongside luminaries like The Notorious BIG, Aaliyah and Larry Levan.

The main reason I set up DRL in 2005 was to archive James Stinson’s interviews and you can still read his own words here.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Dopplereffekt/Arpanet Live

Dopplereffekt play for their first time in Italy on 29th August 2012 at a festival there.

Dopplereffekt also play in Poland at another festival in September.

If you had been looking forward to seeing Arpanet at this years cancelled Bloc festival they are now to play live in London on 5th October 2012.