Thursday, July 12, 2012

Kim Karli interview

Earlier this year Kim Karli contacted me out of the blue to say hi and after some procrastination on my part I sent her some questions about her time in Dopplereffekt. I knew she wouldn’t or couldn’t answer them all without destroying the mystery surrounding the early years of the group but I told her to answer what she felt comfortable with and luckily for us she did.

Kim was a member of Dopplereffekt from 1994 to roughly 97 where she most obviously contributed vocals on what have since become some of their best known tracks. Also various images of her could be found in their sleeve artwork of the time, which she explained to me were actually publicity shots from her acting days. She lives a more private life now in Detroit but did make it out to catch up with Dopplereffekt and see them play live recently at Movement 2012 there. She does still make music in her home studio but only for herself. I wonder instead if some producer of today could ever coax her into a guest appearance; it would be great to hear her iconic voice again.

She mostly chose to talk about that show, the origins of her name and a little of what it was like to be in the group. However on the subject of mystery she said, “You like the handmade look of the records and all the aliases you say. You agree then that mystery lures.” From this interview those mysteries are sure to continue to lure us in for some time to come then.

How was Dopplereffekt at Movement?

“Let's start by saying - show well done, Movement at Hart Plaza in Detroit. This event brought out some of Detroit's good old boys -- or, innovators I should say. Nice to see the city come alive and bounce to some great beats! I love that Dopplereffekt is still evolving and I enjoy that people old and YOUNG alike appreciate. So much of a YOUNG crowd these days. Some weren't even born in the early 90's yet. I shudder to think!! Yet that's what keeps us relevant, so thank you - buy our records, come to the shows. We need you to listen and dance! I need to get a new DE shirt - GERALD.........! I overheard this guy standing next to me while watching a portion of the DE show from the side... I like to watch people and their craziness... Anyways, he was talking to his buddy and trying to catch a glimpse of the girl on stage...and he said, "It doesn't seem to look like the original girl." That put a GIGANTIC smile on my face. You don't even know. I also remember a time though when Andrea Parker called me "Kim Kandi" in a review from back around 1995. I guess it depends who your crowd is... but at least she knew enough to comment. So, no offense taken Andrea :O)”

Is that your real name?

“In college I was a radio DJ for a while and you were encouraged to pick an "on air" name."Kim Karli" came from wanting to sound like Anne Carlini. She has been rockin' the airwaves at WRIF for over 20 years! One of the most recognizable voices on Detroit radio. Her sexy voice is a favorite amongst Riff listeners, and a HUGE favorite of mine.”

Can you give me some info on when you joined Dopplereffekt and what it was like?

“Kim Karli joined DE in the early mid 90's. It was an interesting union. Suburb & City. Getting to the Reactor Electronics Laboratory was not as easy as one would think. I had to ride a gravity wave created by Element 115 and it's time distortion field would sometimes throw me off for SEVEN DAYS or so. CRAZY”

How’s your life today?

“I've lived about nine lives... and I still can't stop, but I'm much less public now. So you will be lucky to catch me in a DE show these days, but you never do really know......... one can't keep this kitty in a box, that's for sure.”

Thanks Kim

Kim supplied the weblinks in her answers so I have included them too.


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