Sunday, April 08, 2012

Dopplereffekt/Mueller Misc

There is a short new Dopplereffekt track up on Converge Bookings (one of their live agents) YouTube channel. Said to be exclusive for this video, it starts at the 0.50sec mark. The video is very professional and made up of live footage and has their track, Gesamtkunswerk from 1999, as outro music.

Another unreleased live track from Dopplereffekt in France earlier this year.

There is another new and very well put together live video up here from the Dopplereffekt show at the Glue Factory on 17th Feb 2012 in Glasgow, Scotland.

One of Dopplereffekt’s other booking agents, Futurity Works, has uploaded all the recent NRSB 11 tracks with their original titles onto their SoundCloud. They were/are called Energy Levels, Forensics and SRB.

One project I completed myself recently I thought might be worth mentioning here. My One Minute Residency Handbook is available to preview in full and to buy in softcover and ebook formats at this link.