Monday, December 12, 2011

James Stinson 2001 phone interview

I just got the file of the 1999 phone interview between James Stinson and Andrew Duke and have shared it on YouTube in the hope it gets to reach a much wider audience overtime.

I remember there used to be a deadlink to this audio file from Andrews own site so I guess he was the one who originally circulated it. It is a very important and revealing interview to hear after all this time. His text version can still be read here. I'm surprised that someone else hadn't uploaded it to YouTube by now but there you go. Just in time to celebrate the release of Drexciya's Journey of the Deep Sea Dweller compilation on Clone Classic Cuts too. This release is already shipping and can be bought at most places online and in the real world.

Zerkalo have a new and very aquatic video up for Warning You. I like it and if you like the visuals too you might be interested in checking out another video which Marie Athenaïs also did for These Times Are Gone by Vita, a Victoria Lukas solo project, to see the similarities.

Warning You
Vita - These Times Are Gone

While we're on the subject there are two new Vita videos up as well. The first by Anaïs Boudot and the other by Virginie Von Virou. Expect a full Vita album on Frustrated Funk soon.

The Ending


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Blogger SURFACE said...

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Blogger Milorad said... Take a look at the preview review :) I bet you my copy of neptune's lair it's Gerard.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

It sounds too backwards, no offense to the great synthesis from the man behind the project. This is based on what you can listen to here and there on YouTube from Photodementia. The TR 909-like snares doesn't evoke anything fresh. On the other hand I guess what Gerald said about the new experiments we can expect, are unfolding in the latest project with DJ Stingray. In that project there's a true sense of pushing the boundaries with the motives and genius he's known to have. Just my opinion anyway.

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