Thursday, March 17, 2011

Drexciya at MOCA Detroit

This weekend at the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit there will be a showing of Hydra Decapita by The Otolith Group which could be seen as major hometown recognition for Drexciya. This blurb is circulating online about them in relation to it, “Not nearly as well known as the Belleville Three (Juan Atkins, Derrick May, Kevin Saunderson), or the second wave of Detroit techno talent (Mike Banks, Jeff Mills, Rob Hood) the mysterious duo calling itself Drexciya might be best known for introducing a theoretical thread to electronic dance music called Afro-futurism. The group, made up of the late James Stinson and Gerald Donald, created a fictional waterworld populated by descendants of African slaves drowned during the Middle Passage on their way to North America.”

From the MOCA Detroit website
Hydra Decapita (2010) 32 min.
Dir. by The Otolith Group
From 1993 to 2002, the Detroit-based electronic music duo Drexciya released an influential series of recordings that imagined a fictional world system entitled Drexciya, populated by the subaquatic descendants of Africans drowned by slavers during the Middle Passage. The fabulation of Drexciya provides the point of departure for Hydra Decapita, the new work by The Otolith Group that summons a series of spectres of capital in order to convene a seance that immerses audiences within an affective evocation of contemporary economic abstraction.
Showing on Saturday, March 19th at 7PM, free.


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