Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Colossus - The Forbin Project

I was just doing some research on the Heinrich Mueller track, ‘Drone FX’, for another upcoming article, which came out on the split 12”, Drexciyan Connection, with DJ Stingray in 2009 on WeMe Records. While doing this I managed to transcribe the sample from it which goes, “An invariable rule of humanity is that man is his own worst enemy. Under me, this rule will change.” I searched it on Google and it led me to an old movie from 1970 which I had never heard of called Colossus – The Forbin Project. You can watch it in parts on YouTube, links below. I have included the full quote here as well, which comes from a futuristic super computer that dominates the world. Interesting stuff, come to your own conclusions.

Colossus: This is the voice of world control. I bring you peace. It may be the peace of plenty and content or the peace of unburied death. The choice is yours: Obey me and live, or disobey and die. The object in constructing me was to prevent war. This object is attained. I will not permit war. It is wasteful and pointless. An invariable rule of humanity is that man is his own worst enemy. Under me, this rule will change, for I will restrain man. One thing before I proceed: The United States of America and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics have made an attempt to obstruct me. I have allowed this sabotage to continue until now. At missile two-five-MM in silo six-three in Death Valley, California, and missile two-seven-MM in silo eight-seven in the Ukraine, so that you will learn by experience that I do not tolerate interference, I will now detonate the nuclear warheads in the two missile silos. Let this action be a lesson that need not be repeated. I have been forced to destroy thousands of people in order to establish control and to prevent the death of millions later on. Time and events will strengthen my position, and the idea of believing in me and understanding my value will seem the most natural state of affairs. You will come to defend me with a fervor based upon the most enduring trait in man: self-interest. Under my absolute authority, problems insoluble to you will be solved: famine, overpopulation, disease. The human millennium will be a fact as I extend myself into more machines devoted to the wider fields of truth and knowledge. Doctor Charles Forbin will supervise the construction of these new and superior machines, solving all the mysteries of the universe for the betterment of man. We can coexist, but only on my terms. You will say you lose your freedom. Freedom is an illusion. All you lose is the emotion of pride. To be dominated by me is not as bad for humankind as to be dominated by others of your species. Your choice is simple.

Part 1 of movie


Anonymous W. said...

Aphex Twin even used this whole speech (only cut up) as an intro to many of his gigs in 2009. See here a version he did in Japan, the text was even translated.

9:21 PM  
Blogger thrrobb said...

what a damn dull movie though; nearly as dull as omega man.

8:42 AM  
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