Friday, January 14, 2011

Daughter Produkt Over

Daughter Produkt Over, this should be headline news and somewhere in the multiverse it may well be but it can be on DRL! Sadly and or inevitably, the Daughter Produkt MySpace has been taken down (there had been no activity there for a long time). This was a collaboration between Heinrich Mueller and Annie Hall, a Spanish producer and DJ. It began in 2007 but never blossomed into anything more than one track, a shame but still history which you can listen to on YouTube. No longer there after Mueller himself reportedly requested it be taken down, see comments, you have to be quick, hope you saw it. Always loved the .gif image they used, here it is again archived for you but not moving for some reason, used in the fan video too. She’s got a brutal new track called ‘Hell’ up on her MySpace right now, well worth hearing, keep up to date with her work from this link.
Daughter Produkt - Zarathustra
My original post about it here (has moving .gif image)
More in-depth article about them I did later.

The Gedankenexperiment record is out now available from the WeMe website.

Another Drexciya featured and themed mix on Soundcloud not long up.

There will be a Zerkalo gig at DNA, Brussels, Belgium on 5th Feb 2011. You can get onto DNA’s Facebook etc from this link for details. They have some new photos up on their Blog as well.
Zerkalo Blog

Was sure I’d mentioned this before but Victoria Lukas did a guest vocal for Alek Stark last year. You can listen to it on bandcamp here, her vocal comes in after the 4 min mark in case you’re wondering. Great track too.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gedankenexperiment available via WeMe website now

4:13 PM  
Anonymous plonk said...

Shame the one track was really excellent, i love the voice, and the pulses drowned in reverb, really glad it is on youtube.

9:09 PM  
Anonymous W. said...

Hi, Phylopn (youtube user) here,

I just got a mail from Mueller himself, asking to delete the video. Here's what he said:


Dear Sir

We would kindly request the removal of the Daughterprodukt visual,as the project is cancelled and the data is official property of Dataphysix.

Thank you for your considerations

Sincere Regards

So I'll respect this and delete it today.

11:53 AM  
Blogger Stephen said...

oh well, good you hosted it while you could. Very polite letter. Cheers for info.

7:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gedankenexperiment appears on Myspace now

1:32 AM  

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