Saturday, September 04, 2010

James Stinson 8th Anniversary

The 8th anniversary of James Stinson’s death has just past and I was reading some of his quotes and thought I’d share this one. “Work together, love each other and slow down. Look at your life deeper. You might not like what you see so change it. We move too fast and cannot see warning signs. We do not mind paying the heavy prices of the consequences of our actions until we can’t pay no more. Take chances”.
2002 Appreciation by Tom Magic Feet

James Sinson radio interview from 2002


Anonymous umen said...

beginner's question
have gerald donald and dj stingray collaborated outside drexciya?

5:33 PM  
Blogger Stephen said...

The nearest so far they got to that was on a split 12" called 'Drexciyan Connection' on WeBeMe records. If you search for it on DRL or google you will find stuff about it. Stephen

8:43 AM  
Anonymous W said...

New photo(s) of Zwischenwelt on their facebook page:!/photos.php?id=100000890659880

9:47 PM  

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