Saturday, September 04, 2010

James Stinson 8th Anniversary

The 8th anniversary of James Stinson’s death has just past and I was reading some of his quotes and thought I’d share this one. “Work together, love each other and slow down. Look at your life deeper. You might not like what you see so change it. We move too fast and cannot see warning signs. We do not mind paying the heavy prices of the consequences of our actions until we can’t pay no more. Take chances”.
2002 Appreciation by Tom Magic Feet

James Sinson radio interview from 2002

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Dopplereffekt interview and live

There is an interview with Heinrich Mueller on Red Bull Music Academy Radio now. This is the first time he has done a recorded interview for any type of transmission. It’s very illuminating in certain areas as well as he speaks about his influences, approach to production, the Dopplereffekt name, musical equipment, ergonomics, MySpace, remixing and playing live amongst other things. Old and current Dopplereffekt music is played throughout with the only exception to this being ‘Sharivari’ by A Number of Names when he is speaking about his formative musical influences. There is an effect used to disguise his voice which makes some of what he says difficult to follow but if you concentrate you should get most of his meaning. I will probably get round to transcribing it for the DRL archives at some point anyway. But for now you can check it out at
There is now a YouTube version up which just includes the interview part.

Also, Dopplereffekt are playing live this Saturday 4th September 2010 in London at Fabric.

Dopplereffekt are also playing a Rephlex night in Berlin on 17th September 2010.

Zerkalo are down to play at the Cynetart Festival in Dresden, Germany which runs from 11th - 17th November 2010.