Thursday, July 08, 2010

New Zerkalo video

There is a new Zerkalo video for ‘Last Meetings’ up on their YouTube account. It’s from their ‘Experiment Zero’ 12” on Frustrated Funk and also marks the first video fruit of their new working relationship with one of their new visual collaborators, Marie Athénaïs. A tasteful sign of things to come I’m sure.

I found the above out so fast, although it happened about four hours ago now which is probably considered an age, because Zerkalo have a Facebook account. Although in saying that I just noticed Zerkalo played a festival in France on 3rd July so best to check these things for yourselves, although I can reveal they are down for playing in Dresden, Germany in November 2010 according to their MySpace if you would like some advance warning of that one. Zwischenwelt also have a Facebook and incidently there is a Victoria Lukas Twitter account you can look at or subscribe to if your completely idle or interested. Once there you can ponder what mind benders like "you will dream everything i have seen in dream" might mean. Come on Mueller, join the communications revolution!
Zerkalo Facebook
Victoria Lukas
Zwischenwelt Multiverse


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More Zwischenwelt news too!

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