Monday, May 03, 2010

Zerkalo interview

“We don’t want to talk about robots, machines, aliens and all the common electro music subjects used since Kraftwerk. We want to talk about reality, the invisible world of poetry and science.”

There is a very good interview with Victoria Lukas of Zerkalo over at FACT now. It contains some great quotes like the one above which really get to the heart of what they are about. She also reveals they are currently working on a new single to be called ‘In Extendo’. She mentions her latest obsession is with the Hungarian mathematician Paul Erdös (1913 - 1996). In case you want to try catching up with her thought process I found a short YouTube video in which he explains one of his more everyday life type philosophies very well, you’ll see loads more stuff on him there, but if you want to go deeper you could start at Wikipedia.
Paul Erdös

The full edition of 'The Adventures in Modern Music' programme which interviewed Susana Correia of Zwischenwelt is up now.


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Anonymous Arno Ouwejan said...

Hi, i was at the Dopplereffekt concert in Amsterdam, yesterday. Beautiful new track:
this one we allready know:
Bye, Arno

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