Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Zwischenwelt: Theory

Just up on the Paradox Twin YouTube account is a short video called ‘Zwischenwelt: Theory‘. It features some new music, kind of background stuff, plus a few still shots of the group members Beta Evers, Penelope Martin and Susana Correia. There are also a few shots of a transmitter device plus a longer scene at the end of a ball being moved by mental powers. It might be Evers that is speaking as it’s a German accent but it might not be her as well. It is delivered in a very natural but halting way like it’s just occurring to her, so it’s not being read. She says the following, “In science they have two big fields of research. The first field is the research about people who have different perception, who have so to say, more senses than so called normal people, a good example for this would be telepathy. The second field is the research about people who have special mental powers and they can influence physical objects with this power, a good example is telekinesis or levitation. Telekinesis is also called psychokinesis and it means influence of mind, of mental powers on a physical system.” Check it out for yourself.
On the Zwischenwelt MySpace there are now only two songs left on their player, ‘Shadow Being’ and ’Extrasensory’. On the Susana Correia MySpace all the songs are down. The video they had for ‘Segunda Realidad’ has also been removed from the Paradoxtwin account but I see the official ‘Shadow Being’ video is still up on the Simulacron YouTube account. Intriguing as ever, it's good to have them back. I would hope this is all a sign that their long promised album is imminent.
Some of their older tracks saved by a fan on YouTube, more out there if you search.
'Seaguda Realidad' video now hosted by a fan here.

I’ve mentioned this before but Dopplereffekt is coming up live in Amsterdam soon.

Zerkalo live in Paris in March in full here. http://www.youtube.com/user/conjecture13


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I just reuploaded the Segunda Realidad clip because I saved it earlier. Link will be active in a few minutes:


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Cheers, glad someone did. Anyone save the Black Replica videos?

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