Thursday, April 29, 2010

Zwischenwelt on Radio and in The Wire +

There is a Zwischenwelt feature on Resonance FM tonight at 9pm on 'Adventures in Modern Music' (29th April). Susana Correia (pictured) will be interviewed by Derek Walmsley of The Wire. Very short notice I know but I only just heard as well. Hopefully this will be archived by them.

While the show will be archived soon on The Wire website, (up now), and I will post the link once it's there (look below), for those of you with no patience and are more YouTube orientated the interview is now available in two parts. The biggest news from the interview is that the Zwischenwelt album will be coming out in a month or two on Rephlex. The rest of the interview with Susana Correia on the phone from New York, who is refreshingly open and forthcoming, goes into the detail about how they got together, how they collaborate, what it's all about and some of her own history.
Full programme up now as well.

Zwischenwelt will also be interviewed in the next issue (June) of The Wire as well. Again by Derek Walmsley, he this time got to speak with Heinrich Mueller, Susana Correira, Beta Evers and Penelope Martin for the short piece.

Also on The Wire website there is a very revealing unedited version of the interview between Derek Walmsley and DJ Stingray. Loads more about Drexciya, Detroit and Urban Tribe etc.

Dopplereffekt will also be playing in London on 21st May at a festival, more info here.

Just got sent this funny Warp promo sheet for The Elecktroids 'Kiloherz' EP as well. Has some new text not used anywhere else.

Background:The group is composed of four members who are all brothers. they migrated from Atlanta, Georgia to Flint, Michigan a year ago with their parents. Over the last four years the brothers have been playing locally at friends parties. They have never released a record. Their ages range from fifteen to twenty.

Motivation: God is the main motivation of the group.

Interest: Women with large butts and trucks with large bass and fat tires.

Concept: "We see ourselves as very electrifying. That is the reason we chose the concept of electricity" Another reason for the interest is the father of the group is an electrician.


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is there any chance you could post a larger jpeg of the promo sheet? thanks!

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