Friday, April 16, 2010

Drexciya Q&A 'Energy Flash' zine 1996

I was just sent a short question and answer session with Drexciya from ‘Energy Flash’#3, a Detroit zine from Sept/Oct 1996. Thanks so much for that, any more out there please send it my way and we can all share.

Drexciya - Under the Gun

1. What are your full names and under what pseudo's (each of you) record music.
A: Drexciya, Drexciya, Drexciya, Drexciya.

2. Is your environment in Detroit your greatest inspiration for your music?
A: No, it's a mental state of mind. We live like monks. No movement except air and sound.

3. Is Ectomorph Drexciya?
A: Hell no.

4. Is UR37, will it be bring forth new material or newly found material?
A: It's aged wine.

5. Given the propensity for Drexciya to conceal their identities , would it be safe to say there will never be any live performances.
A: No comment.

6. Would they be interested in playing an aquatic setting?
A: Yes

7. Why did ‘Drexciya 3’ appear on Rephlex and not UR?
A: The tracks were expendable.

8. There was much controversy around the 'True People" album, why did Drexciya do a track for such a commercial project?
A: A close friend asked for our help and we came through. It doesn't make a difference what project we're on, we’re still who we are.

9: What is the future for Drexciya?
A: Nothing - Drexciya Out.

The questions were compiled from fans who wrote into the zine and are predictably about their identities, would they ever play live and selling out. UR37 is ‘The Return of Drexciya‘ 12“ and I guess from this info that it‘s made of material from maybe 1995. From this it looks like even by the Summer of 1996 they were fully expecting to break-up and may have taken a break from recording altogether from 1995 to ‘Neptune‘s Lair‘(1999). ‘True People: The Detroit Techno Album’ came out in 1996 on React and ‘Davey Jones Locker’ is the first track on it. It seems like a pretty cool compilation to be on to me but probably did cash in on techno’s enormous popularity in the mid nineties. Discogs link below. I also just realised this was not included on The Quest so I better add it to my Drexciya: Oddities series. Hear it at


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