Monday, April 26, 2010

ArD2 Remix

There is a Heinrich Mueller remix to be found on the soon to be released '2084 The Mixes' by ArD2 on Frigio. The track is 'Anti De Sitter Space' and can be found on a 12" which is limited to just 300 copies, so be fast! One of the producers behind this is Penelope Martin of Zwischenwelt. I mentioned this project of hers back in March 2009 if you remember. You can listen to a sample of it on the Clone site, link below. The voice you can hear on it is William Burroughs reading his infamous 'The Last Words of Hassan Sabbah'. I have a link to the full length reading below if your interested. The press release states, 'This vinyl contains 3 songs from the original album “2084”. ArD2 is an electronic music project based in George Orwell’s novel 1984 that combines music and sounds instead of words to tell a story set in a near future. ArD2 explore the dark side of the electronic music, by using dense atmospheres and sinister voices as part of the tracks composition. Developed by Spanish producers, Ekis and Penelope along with the graphic team (Digikampradesh and people of Brain Soup Lab). ArD2..s first album sets the blueprint musically and graphically for many more releases to come.'
You can also hear the entire track here, amazing, it could only be Mueller!
William Burroughs 'The Last Words of Hassan Sabbah'

There is a new version and edit of the Zwischenwelt track 'Shadow Being' up now on the ParadoxTwin YouTube. It's pretty similar audio and video-wise to what was up previously. This other version can still be seen on the Simulacron YouTube channel for now.


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dj stingray interview on wire

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Zwischenwelt feature on air tonight

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