Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Zerkalo Live Stream

This just up on the Zerkalo website, tonight's show in Paris will be streamed live, details here.
Zerkalo played a very powerful and professional six track set during the interval of headliner Christophe. It can be viewed at the Arte link below from 63.10sec on. Victoria Lukas was sporting a fetching new bob type haircut for the occasion.

Go straight to show here.

Also I see that a new live video clip of Zerkalo in Paris in January 2010 has been posted by a fan.

DJ Stingray is interviewed in the current issue of The Wire. It is by Derek Walmsley who also did the Dopplereffekt one. In it he mentions that James Stinson gave him his DJ name and also that he knew Drexciya right back in the day, when Donald's Glass Domain 12" came out.


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