Sunday, January 03, 2010

Noether Symmetry

After the disappointment of the last possible Heinrich Mueller MySpace collaborative project I mentioned looking to have been a hoax I have one more for you to consider that looks a lot more positive. Black Replica just redid their top friends and at number 2 is the intriguingly titled Noether Symmetry. This is how we found out about Zwischenwelt if you remember. There is one track on their player which in my opinion sounds a lot like it was touched by the hand of Mueller. Although he isn't listed as a member he may be using the name Hadron Cleric for this one. The other two members, or workers as they are referred to in their Pics section, are from Latvia, Anet Kirvelaite (pic on left) and from Russia, Nina Kraviz. The latter has her own MySpace and is well enough known in her own right. Although I see that she doesn't mention this project on her site and hasn't even made friends with it. But this could be like when Douglas McCarthy of Nitzer Ebb was briefly linked with Daughter Produkt at its inception and then his name was removed. In fact the same thing happened with Beale Bartel and Zwischenwelt but time will tell. Whoever the full line-up turns out to be and it could turn out to be just associates of Mueller and co I think they are off to a good start with this moody and seductive 'Half-Life' track anyway. The site is registered as coming from Latvia in its profile so I guess Anet Kirvelaite is the one behind the scenes. The site has been up since the 1st Feb 2009 but as we have learned in the past the music might not have been here that long, it had only clocked up almost 100 plays when I first came across it. It's too early to go too deeply into all this yet and I am working in the dark as usual. Check it out at
Nina Kraviz

Nice video of Zerkalo live in Paris


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they added some new tracks

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

hoax !

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