Friday, January 08, 2010

New Noether Symmetry & Zerkalo

Just a few days into 2010 and we are really being spoilt! There are two new Noether Symmetry tracks on their player now, 'Geiger Count' and 'Background Radiation (Ci)'. They are both pretty amazing as well and develop what looks to be their nuclear theme. 'Geiger Count' is actually pretty close to the sound we loved from Mueller back about 2000, it's quite like the uptempo stuff on the second Japanese Telecom album believe it or not. 'Background Radiation' is more atmospheric and downtempo with a cool female vocal. They are also listing a new member in Lana Jastrevski (pictured). Can't find anything else on her. Decide for yourself if this has any Mueller involvement or not.

Also another great new track and video by the ever prolific Zerkalo as well, 'Photon Photino'. There is also a new video for ‘Zelenogorsk’ as well but it is currently set to private.

Two fan videos of their triumphant Paris show up as well.

I've been informed that there are two companies who now book Dopplereffekt for live shows. One is 'futurity', run by Shaun Ellis out of the UK. He can also book Zerkalo, DJ Stingray and Urban Tribe. Web links are not ready yet but will post them when they are. You can contact him at shaun at . The other is Converge Bookings, they did the last Berlin show, contact details for them can be found here

Good news according to Bleep, both the Transllusion ‘Opening of the Cerebral Gate’ and Shifted Phases albums were both reissued on CD sometime back by Tresor and true enough you can still buy the latter CD new from the Tresor shop. This means they are both around somewhere for slightly more reasonable prices for a time. In fact Neptune’s Lair is also available new on CD from this source as well so maybe a few more were pressed as well, respect. This will all wreck heads at Discogs I’m sure! But the remaining Tresor released album, Harnessed the Storm, is still out of stock. Because the Transllusion album is on the Tresor sub-label Supremat it doesn’t appear on their online catalogue but I checked with and there is a bunch available new there so it’s happy days if your a new Drexciya fan!


Anonymous John said...

There are still a few copies of Harnessed the Storm available here

9:34 PM  
Anonymous dr said...

Geiger Count does sound like it would fit nicely on the 2nd Japanese Telecom LP. Thanks...needed that!

8:17 AM  

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