Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Return of Black Replica

Typically, just when we were losing the faith for the continuation of the MySpace projects, Black Replica mysteriously return with three new tracks. I think they were uploaded today or yesterday but they are, ‘Nether Realms’(1.02), a quite beautiful vocal led piece; the spectacularly sinister ‘Replicant Vestiges‘(2.14) and ‘Ehpemeral’ (3.53). This latter track you will recognise in a speeded up version from a live Black Replica video from Madrid in 2007 still on YouTube, so this song at least dates from their inception. The other two might also be from the original sessions which gave birth to the now infamous and for three long years unchanging four tracks on their MySpace player. These were of course ‘Mathematical Eyes‘(Now listed as ‘Mathematical Auge‘, eye in German, why now singular?), ‘Spider Theory‘, ‘Twilight Pupil‘ and ‘Black Feathers‘ which after a brief disappearance are now all back on the player as well. These new tracks might also be newly produced as well which I hope they are as this promises the possibility of more to come but be warned, we could be waiting another three years! In case your wondering, the touch of Mueller is all over these new tracks, his name is also back listed as a member as well. Still no sign of new videos or the old ones being replaced but this situation may change soon but nice to have them back, as always check out
Black Replica doing ‘Ehpemeral’ live in 2007.
There is also a new Zerkalo track and video on their MySpace and YouTube sites called ‘I Can Speak’. Miss Lukas has set quite a puzzle for us this time round, what with all her jumbled up anonymous quotes which I am endeavouring to unravel for you and the music is good too. Full post on this soon.
Lastly and most surprisingly, there is an unreleased Elecktroids track on the new Warp20 box set called ‘Elecktroids Bonus Circuit". Again someone is certainly looking after their archive to have unearthed this one for us. It does grow on you but not what you would have expected maybe, can see why it was not on the Electroworld album. Nice video already up for it here though.


Blogger skkatter said...

Dear Miss Black Replica, if you are out there and reading this, I want to marry you. (we talked briefly in Malmo, 2007)

Yours sincerely,
Stephen (skkatter)

2:38 AM  
Blogger Sindroid said...

Love the Black Replica stuff.

9:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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3:26 AM  

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