Thursday, August 27, 2009

Dopplereffekt Live

Dopplereffekt are playing live for BlackRed in Leipzig, Germany on Sat 17th October 2009. Venue details etc to announced soon.

Some new video's I found which you might like.
Heinrich Mueller - Drone FX
Jason Fine - Human Heed (Celestial Sphere Mix)
Arpanet - P2101V
2010 part1 with Dopplereffekt music
2010 part 2

I just came across a three part documentary called TechnoCalyps that deals with so many of the Drexciya and Heinrich Mueller themes that I think anyone wanting to go deeper will get a lot out of them.

TechnoCalyps part 1: TransHuman
TechnoCalyps part 2: Preparing for the Singularity
TechnoCalyps part 3: The Digital Messiah


Blogger Lardossan said...

Thank you for all of the incredible write-ups, information and constant updates Stephen.

You truly provide the greatest drexciyan resource around. Thanks for posting some of my videos too.

Lardossan (youtube)

4:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

it was a stunning gig here in Leipzig!
One hour of pure Dopplereffekt sound. It seems to me that they switched one of their synths from a Korg Triton le to a newer Korg TR le.
Due to the fact that it was a "private event" i'm now a member of the human machine registered society :-D

9:31 AM  
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