Friday, July 10, 2009

New Zerkalo Material

The reliably productive and inventive Zerkalo have just uploaded a total of seven new videos to their YouTube channel. Six are brand new tracks and a video for 'Invisible' is included as well. Some amazing stuff included here, check them all out for yourselves though.

There is also an interview with Victoria Lukas and Heinrich Mueller about Zerkalo in the current issue of the French magazine Mouvement. This is so far not available to read online but if anyone wants to post or translate it please send it to me.


Blogger svetla100 said...

Shit to indiscipline
By calling the magazine "indisciplinaire of the arts," we wanted to basically show a curiosity awake, open to all fields of contemporary creation. That works, which in recent years have primarily come to our attention, were "hybrids" is simply that they seemed particularly respond to a complex era, whose reading can not be linear. We will return extensively in this issue, through a series of contributions (by Jean-Marc Adolphe, Bruno Tackels, Gérard Mayen, Gwénola David, Mari-Mai or Frédéric Deval Corbel) that, when we celebrate the sixtieth anniversary of the birth of cultural policy in France, bring into question the adequacy of institutional categories in use - as well as the practices of most of the artists involved in this issue.
This "Shit to indiscipline! "Is not a renunciation of what has driven so far. But this "indiscipline" aesthetic, we do make a chapel: it is not necessarily because a work mix video, dance, text, music, new technologies, etc.., It is brilliant or simply producing sense. The incantation of the "vanguard" is longer a guarantee against final academism. And the word of indisciplinaire can quickly become, if we are not careful, one of these words meaning bags mere "trend" (as they say in the language of marketing), or postures for issues of

• Tino Sehgal, trade now: training choreographer, the artist is the challenge of de-media to a spoken word release. By Jean-Louis Perrier.
• Jean-Luc Godard / Elias Sanbar, A conversation with Halles: the filmmaker and writer back on 40 years of friendship and companionship around Palestine. By Fabienne Verstraeten.
• Dear Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker ..., a "declaration of love" to the choreographer, by Jean-Marc Adolphe.
• Steve McQueen, Camera persona: the British film and video product carnal images, structured by the body. By Mary Brugerolle.
• Wajdi Mouawad: a novel of the writer and director, guest of honor at the Festival d'Avignon.
• Gerald Donald, Dark Matter: figurehead of the Detroit electronic scene, the musician is primarily a spectral figure, hidden behind many pseudonyms (Dopplereffekt, Arpanet, or today Zerkalo). By Dorothy Smith.
• Portfolio: Claude Closky, Flip situations.
• Pippo Delbono, Dealer scandal: report in Rome, around the creation of the rough Menzogna. By Bruno Tackels.
• Jean-Luc Raharimanana, The cry Madagascar: almost lyrical and musical language of the Malagasy writer draws its sap from the sometimes turbulent history of his country .. By Catherine Bédarida.
• Contempt by Bernard Stiegler: According to the philosopher, Europe must also play its role as economic and cultural power it requires.
• The experimental scene in New York: after 30 years of collective Movement Research, panorama of dance and experimental theater in New York. By Lea Lescure and Ophélie Landrin

Also at issue: how is the Stefan Kaegi theater listening / The director Renaud Cojo takes for David Bowie / Babiole Cécile at the crossroads of visual arts and audio / Jean-Luc Guionnet, musician and philosopher / An interview with WT Mitchell, founder of visual studies / white cards Sylvie Fanchon and Stéphane Thidet / The Resurrection of Lazarus / Marc Olivier Wahler back on its transverse design of the exhibition / The new book by Georges Didi-Huberman / How to Astral Social Club Neil Campbell hallucinated pop of the future ... and always chronicles books and records, and calendar, selection of events and the summer festival in Paris, region, Europe.

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