Friday, March 27, 2009

Drexciyan Connection

What is known as Drexciyan Connection first surfaced as a live package of Dopplereffekt and Sheram Ingram (either as DJ Stingray 313 or live as Urban Tribe) which Dopplereffekt bookers Kontra-Musik began to offer sometime last year. I think there has already been one Dopplereffekt show with Ingram in Stingray mode somewhere in Europe but now the Bang-Face Weekender is listing Drexciyan Connection (Dopplereffekt and Urban Tribe playing separate live shows) for this years festival in April 2009. This will make up for Dopplereffekt having to cancel due to equipment problems last year. Incidentally Kontra-Musik is now also handling bookings for Annie Hall aka Moreno Paradox of Daughter Produkt. They already look after Penelope Martin of Zwischenwelt.

WeMe Records are also now advertising the release of a 12” under the name Drexciyan Connection said to feature Dopplerefekt and DJ Stingray 313. I emailed them and they replied that it will be a 3 track 12" which will be out soon. They are a label based in Belgium and have previously released Stingray’s ‘Aqua Team’ 12”. It will be interesting to see if this loose collaboration between Mueller and Ingram develops, but so far it is just a marketing exercise.

For Drexiyan Connection etc bookings


Blogger Nightlight said...

They did a combo appearance in Athens, Greece at the 30th of May 2008, if that's the one you mean. Dopplereffekt performed live, Stingray DJed later.

1:28 PM  
Blogger lofixxx said...

i think you might be interested in this:

The WeMe313.3 !!

Artist: Dj Stingray + Heinrich Mueller
Title: Drexciyan connection
Track titles:
A1 : Dj Stingray - Drone Factory
A2 : Dj Stingray - Much Hate
B 1: Heinrich Mueller - Drone FX
Format: Ep
Price: 7.50€ + shipping
Pressing qty: 450

cheeres from krakow-poland and thanx for your nice work

8:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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