Sunday, February 08, 2009

Dopplereffekt London Report

I just got a report from one of my readers of the Dopplereffekt show in London on 7th Feb (last night) which I am very grateful to get as I was hoping someone would. By the way, I don’t know if this was the last live show or not but the writer of this review is under the impression that it could be, so bear that in mind as this could just be a rumour, hope so. Some of the pictures they sent were amazing though, the image of them walking backstage could pass as official, not bad for a fan shot. If any footage of it appears on YouTube I will update this post with it.

Can thankfully now confirm that was only a rumour as Dopplereffekt are confirmed for 21st March in Brussels at the BEMF. They are playing with The Black Dog, should be a good night.

What a lucky little thing I am. I went to the live performance that took place in Paris in October 2008 and as I am doing an internship here in London for six weeks it was just the right time to attend what is now supposed to be the last Dopplereffekt gig. I quickly looked on the internet for upcoming tour dates, but nothing popped up. I hope they're going to tour again for those who weren't in attendance yesterday night.

The concert took place at Corsica Studios, nearby the Elephant & Castle tube station. There's no red carpets, no big coloured lamps, no outrageous billboard, just a small blue door with a piece of paper on it in a very common font and "corsica studios". It was the first time I went to an English club and I quickly grew to like the easy going atmosphere and the multiple rooms with different kinds of music and vibes. I have to highlight the fact that the volume is actually extremely high and colliding. During the first part of the party, several DJs was mixing kinda house music and I was amazed how bassy the sound was. Try to put your beer on the stage or anywhere else and see what happens! Hopefully I brought my earplugs otherwise I think my tinnitus will be emphasized significantly more. "Dopplereffekt 12:30 - 01:30 am" displays a similar piece of paper. Two Triton Le were standing by for the two scientists to operate. Like in Paris, To Nhan Le Thi’s was a little lower than Gerald's. The audio and Midi settings remained the same.

The last gig means big expectations. So they came up a little late, something like 12:43, with the same choreography, with the same full latex masks and then Gerald quickly pushed the "start" sequencer button. Ok, the point is definitely not comparing those two gigs, on the one hand the one in Paris, on the other hand the one that took place yesterday in London but I bear in mind the fact that this show is supposed to be the very last one (ever ?). I don't think there were new visuals going along with the music, the track sequencing was the same they played in Paris plus a small addition with a small new track that did not make me cringe at all. It was like an interlude at 1:20sec long. What else could I say? Hum... not any new lush tracks, the show lasted around one hour, sounds quite usual, doesn't it? Ok, maybe let the pictures speak for myself. I must admit it was a little more enjoyable because of the atmosphere of the place. Oh and I must mention the security. I think that Dopplers definitely enjoyed the way they were being looked after by three big gorillas constantly transmitting orders to each other with walky-talkies. When they quit the stage, the three quickly made an escape plan and I'm quite sure that a taxi was waiting for the two scientists to be driven to the hotel safely.
Was it the last live transmission from Dopplereffekt? If so, we would have expected a very special live performance, as it is the circle is now closed like no fan would have expected. I mean the opening ceremony at La Géode initiated something that's been thrilling to monitor for three years. And actually this ceremony wasn't echoed or repeated yesterday.