Friday, September 28, 2007

Zwischenwelt/Black Replica

Lots of new activity at the Heinrich Mueller involved Zwischenwelt's MySpace in the last month or so. I've included some of the new pics for archival purposes as the last origami themed ones are no more. There are also two new tracks there, one has involvement from Mueller but this is most definitely a group effort. As stated in a previous post the meaning of their name is in-between world, you find a lot of German witch/wicca related websites if you look it up through Google. Is this the best translation? Also it looks like Beate Bartel is no longer a member.

Going from the latest pictures and their captions we can easily deduce that one of their themes/interests is in the paranormal. The following explanatory(?) information goes with the three mysterious and similar images on their MySpace site.

1: Zero physical reality flux[] information state: stability enabled.
2: Discrete flux of physical reality[]Time interval = seconds.
3: Isotropic flux of physical reality[]Time interval = microseconds.
Sensory perception flux: human awareness expands and collapses.

This all becomes a bit clearer when you realise that one of the new tracks is titled ‘Nina Kulagina’, which turns out to be a famous Russian psychic. Her speciality was psychokinesis and I think the above list is scientific speak for measurement of that phenomenon but I’m open to correction. The photo’s of Martin, Correia and Evers look like they may be taking part in one of these experiments themselves. I’d like to think they are and that music is just one element of this project but it’s worth bearing in mind that this may be just a pose. Some of them look remarkably similar to b&w images of Kulagina herself from the 1960’s. In fact there is a section of a documentary about her on YouTube which has lots of this kind of footage and will give you a quick background to her. Also check out this text link as well if you want to go further at Wikipedia.

The music is quite good, suitably spooky given the subject matter, the previous two tracks really grew on me and of the new ones I could see the same thing happening. ‘Materialisation’ is a Beta Evers track that is quite short and atmospheric and very tastefully done. ‘Nina Kulagina’ itself is more of a group effort with two different female vocalists. It has a very slow tempo and lyrics which are all about Nina, stuff like, “She makes hearts stop beating.”, which will make sense if you do your research.
Hard to tell if this move into the paranormal is totally out of the left field for the other participants but as far as Mueller himself goes I’ve mentioned before that very quickly in the so-called 'new physics' you come to an unexplainable point where the paranormal might, and I say might, start making sense or begin to fit in. On the 2005 Arpanet album 'Quantum Transposition' there is a track called 'EPR Effect' aka 'The Pandora's Box of Modern Physics' which is just such a perplexing occurrence which would make me wonder if Mueller has himself reached this point and is now looking into the paranormal for a way through. His other MySpace involved project, Black Replica, also appears to concern itself with another reality. One of my readers has pointed out that the symbol they use means psychic/soul. Ψ = PSI which starts all the Greek words that describe soul and psychological situations. Like psihi ΨΥΧΗ = soul. Black Replica might be harder to figure out but the vibe they give off is certainly spiritual, while right now Zwischenwelt seem to be going down a paranormal, specifically psychokinesis themed route. But these two subjects are closely related and as I said they can even be tied into the frontiers of physics. But of course it's all about the music and as said before it's hard to know if a 'proper' release is something that either of them are interested in but if they are I'm sure it will happen.


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That's exactly how I think about them. Good entry. I really love the two new songs of Zwischenwelt. And yes, that's the in-between world (paranormal etc) in German.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

sounds more sophisticated!!
than black replica!

4:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, I don't know if you're gonna read this but I've ripped these songs using audacity and if you want them I can get them. I'm also ripping zwischenwelt.

I guess if you do want them email me at

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