Sunday, February 04, 2007

Black Replica Concerts

Black Replica, featuring Heinrich Mueller, have just announced on their MySpace site the details of concerts to be held between April and June of 2007. Certainly this most mysterious of projects is building towards something bigger by stepping out from what had to this point been an exclusively virtual existence. I wonder if there might soon be a release in the future also? Their Kontra-Musick Festival appearance might be a sign of a move in this direction if it turns out that their line-up is made up exclusively from their roster but so far they have yet to list the details of any acts to perform. This label would seem to be a good match any how. Anyway I’m sure we’ll find out soon enough from Black Replica themselves when the time is right. I've condensed all the information I could find on these sure to be highly anticipated shows below. Get booking those flights now!

07.Apr.2007 20:00
'Klubbers Day', Madrid Sports Arena, Madrid, Spain.

28.Apr.2007 23:00
Overpoorstraat 37, Steegske Ghent, Belgium, 6 Euro.

PICTURA, Voorstraat 190-192, Dordrecht, Holland.

09.Jun.2007 20:00
Kontra-Musik Festival, 23-03 at Inkonst, Bergsgatan 29 Malmo, Sweden.

On other Gerald Donald/Heinrich Mueller related matters it was brought to my attention recently by one of my readers that ‘Donald and Gerald’ is the name of a fairly famous puzzle in code deciphering circles. Makes you wonder at the possibility that this was ever his real name. This should remind us never to take anything for granted in this world and certainly in the world of the so-called Gerald Donald.