Tuesday, March 21, 2006

DRL Website

I've done an easy to navigate website version of DRL where you can at least more easily read the articles in the correct order which I've also now grouped into categories. You know I never really intended this to become what it has, even though my first posting, 'Mission Statement', did come true I didn't know at that time if I would be able to see it through. My original intention and first order of business was to archive the James Stinson interviews which were even then already disappearing on the web. Since then I feel like I have achieved a lot in my enquires and expended far more words than I could have ever imagined on a group that still remains essentially an enigma.
It's well known that to immerse yourself in another subject which is separate from your day to day work life serves to re-energise your interest in the wider world. Certainly I have found this to be the case, for me its been great to take a break from my own concerns and delve into Drexciya's realm and I hope it has been the same for you also. Although like anything worthwhile it did take some effort at times which has borne some fruit in the discovery that there is indeed an important philosophical message contained in their music and mythos which is something we can take with us back into our everyday lives.
I'd also like to thank everyone for reading thus far and anyone that improved my articles by sending additional information, respect.
This Blog will still continue on in the same fashion but the website will also be updated with whatever new articles that appear here. There is also a new guestbook to sign there since the one that was here has stopped working. Check it out. Drexciya Research Lab


Anonymous Cafe24 Extension said...

I've seen this website before and all I can say is the website was well constructed! I'm happy to visit DRL website! :)

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