Friday, February 03, 2006

Further Research

A commonality between the last three Gerald Donald solo projects was the listing of sources for further research on our part. Because the topics he is now dealing with are so large and specific and this will probably continue. So if you never got round to tapping in those addresses for yourselves or following up on those sources, here for your convenience are those links.

Arpanet - ‘Wireless Internet’ (Record Makers 2002)
While the very neat and innovative website whose address was only listed in the accompanying 12” ‘Are You Wireless?’, is recently offline, probably for good (anyone got a cached version), the other link given at this time was for the Japanese electronic communications giant NTT DOCOMO. If you were curious about what’s new in their product line and their latest innovations go to

Dopplereffekt - ‘Linear Accelerator’ (Gigolo 2003)
The two websites listed here in relation to sleeve images are both related to the same research company, Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron. Their published work must have been a major source of information/inspiration for Donald at this time. Their websites helpfully have an English language option so you can read through their plenteous researches in particle physics, synchrotron radiation and accelerators.

Der Zyklus - ‘Quantum Transposition’ (Rephlex 2005)
Sounding more like another Donald alias, Anton Zeilinger is a professor of the Institute of Experimental Physics of the University of Vienna, Austria. Simply credited on the sleeve for providing images, there’s little doubt that Donald is not unfamiliar with his work. I tracked down his own quite populously presented webpages which contain a selection of his papers and magazine articles.

A brief respite, for me, from our Drexciyan trajectory. 'Uncharted' is near.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you for this info..

On quite a different topic, miami bass (who else can take you from quantum physics to miami bass but Drexciya et al.??)

I have an MP3 by a Ft Lauderdale booty/electro rap group called Jam Pony Express that I swear contains a sound from "Bubble Metropolis". It's one of the "swooshing" pads in the middle.

Unless both were sampled from a third source, perhaps this means that Stinson / Donald did a bit of production for Jam Pony (friends/relatives down south?)

1:37 AM  

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