Friday, December 02, 2005

Buying Drexciya

Since my request for information on where best to get Drexciya stuff online I've done some of my own research and realised that basically there is hardly anything currently pressed that bears their name. Those 2003 UR 12" were the last things and they might even be gone by now. Over at Tresor they've decided that selling MP3's of their Drexciya and related catalogue is the future. Not that you can’t turn up the odd thing here and there online too, Warpmart had the best available selection, but back stock in actual record shops can still be some of the best places to find their work in its original format, so be vigilant. The suitably titled Neptune Records also has a fair amount of in stock titles. Also check out Juno. Most of the Transllusion stuff available from this link of the Replex site here.
The next best thing is used so I've got two links, for Gemm and Ebay. But as you already know, the prices will be expensive.

Of course it saddens me that their records are not currently generally available but maybe downloads is how new people will discover their music and keep their memory and legacy alive. Perhaps I’m old fashioned but there is something missing without the artwork, vinyl, or even the CD. It strikes me now that this site must be even more illuminating to people who never got to experience Drexciya through their records. Of course some day an all encompassing reissue campaign will come their way and a new generation will be exposed to their world and music but till that time we must help to keep their memory alive.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rub-A-Dub records in Glasgow has new-old-stock Drexciya stuff so often that I don't even consider Drexciya records that rare! Or maybe it's just that they've never been easy to get so I've never noticed them getting rarer..

Last time I was in they had the "Life After Mutation" EP on Hardwax, lab rat and others..

The Transillusion LP is utterly brilliant though, and I haven't tracked it down.

PS love the site. I think I may start a Keith Tucker version :)

6:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Apart from GEMM and Ebay, there's also MusicStack

some silly prices up there at the moment though, e.g. The Quest £139, Aquatic Invasion £91

8:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

haha, are u kiddin me? i got harnessed the storm, neptun's lair, lab rat xl REST principle, Grava 4, shifted phases by clone all 12 inch and some of his (may be) alies: der zyklus, arpanet for prices 8-23euros.
this is where i got mine. i have not looked for translution, other people place and so on yet but i think it is no problem to order them

7:23 PM  

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