Sunday, October 21, 2018

Black Replica on Metaphysik (Pre-Order)

'Lost Gerald Donald project Black Replica gets first physical release. Fronted by an as yet unidentified vocalist, the project first appeared with four tracks on Myspace and two black-and-white videos in October 2006... the duo toured Europe briefly the following year, uploaded three more tracks to Myspace in 2009, then promptly disappeared.'
Over 10 years later this has become the legend (text from Resident Advisor). metaphysik are now taking pre-orders (one copy per person) for their Black Replica release (available end of October).

This is a an overview I wrote about the group a few years ago. You can watch their two videos here.

Friday, October 19, 2018

Elecktroids' Kilohertz 12" EP reissue on Clone Aqualung

Clone Records have re-pressed the Kilohertz 12" EP by Elecktroids (the album will come later)! There has been no official announcement yet, just a few pics on social media (one of DJ Stingray with a copy and label artwork) but similar to the last Transllusion EP it just appeared for sale, in this case at a Clone Pop-Up shop in Amsterdam. 
I assume it will go on sale generally very soon (if it isn't already at the shop in Rotterdam, Holland). Originally Warp released this EP and the Elektroworld album in 1995 but Clone must have licensed it from them or the contract had simply run out. No doubt it will appear in the Clone Aqualung Series. The big news however is that the album will follow! Happy day!
'While the line up of Elecktroids has been debated at length amongst the electronic music community, and it is known that the project involved a member or members of Drexciya, the exact membership is unclear. In July 2008 when Warp Records re-listed the CD version of the "Elektroworld" album on their Warpmart site, the promotional texts stated "Produced by Drexciya's late James Stinson"'

Previously I wrote an extensive piece about the album and EP here.

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Why Drexciya Took Detroit Electro Underwater

Resident Advisor have made one of their documentaries about you know who, Why Drexciya Took Detroit Electro Underwater. It's just under 10 minutes long and includes some great material, including James Stinson's interview with Andrew Duke back in 2001, words from Gerald Donald, DJ Stingray, Jeff Mills and more (old interviews). It's great to see them getting spotlighted in this way. You can watch in on YouTube here

Dopplereffekt have been announced as very special guest for Aphex Twin's first live show in Berlin for 15 years. Richard James has been a long term fan of Drexciya and Dopplereffekt (both groups and other projects of theirs found a home on his label, Rephlex). This show happens on 1st November, details here. Dopplereffekt also return to London for this newly confirmed date on 23rd November.
'Dopplereffekt return to Oval Space for another of their unmissable live sets. The brainchild of Drexciya’s Gerald Donald, the project is shrouded in an otherworldly feel both aesthetically and in the futuristic music created by the duo’s mastery of analogue hardware.'

There is a new date just announced for Arpanet at this festival in Spain, Fanzine Fest (1st - 9th Dec).

There is a really good homage to James Stinson by the German producer/DJ Cyan85 on his Soundcloud page.

Sunday, October 07, 2018

Drexciya live for one night only, Liberal Arts Gallery, Detroit (2001)

'This Drexciya performance did happen at the Liberal Arts Gallery on Gratiot. We organized it under Fulcrum Innovations (now Pi Gao Movement) and performed together. It was the first “after party” we put on for DEMF at that time. Adam X, Heather Hart played and James and Gerald performed as Drexciya and their presence was most definitely known because the line to see them was over a block long. The police showed up but we were enforcing a strict no drug policy and they didn’t shut us down. Imagine that, an awesome party with true fans and no drugs. It was the most memorable times here in Detroit.'
This statement was posted by Ultradyne in response to a recent post on DRL's Facebook about a show they promoted on 27th May 2001 during the Detroit Electronic Music Festival. Dopplereffekt, Ultradyne, Tangible and Shadowpusher had been advertised as playing along with DJs at Detroit's Liberal Arts Gallery. Perhaps this latter act was a Drexciya alias but I just can't find anything else about them anywhere. To my knowledge, the first that I or most people knew about this show was in 2017 when it was mentioned in an extensive piece about Drexciya by Mike Rubin, Infinite Journey to Inner Space: The Legacy of Drexciya, for RBMA (see text below, link in comments).
'The group apparently recorded their music live, but never played an actual concert, though there were plans for a Drexciya gig (on a bill along with Dopplereffekt and Ultradyne) during the 2001 Detroit Electronic Music Festival weekend. “I know they had rented a hall on Gratiot,” says Mike Banks (UR). “It was shaping up to be the after-party of the year, but they pulled no permits and the cops showed up. That’s about as close to a Drexciya live show that ever happened.”'
It's quite amazing to think that this admittedly low-key and one-off concert has somehow stayed a 'secret' or was just plain unknown outside of those who witnessed it for 17 years! Even close associates like Mike Banks were unaware it had happened. There are now many questions about this show (what did they play!) but for now it's just great to know that James Stinson did get his wish to play live as Drexciya, just over a year before he died as it would turn out.
When speaking with Derek Beere for Future BPM sometime in early 2002, James had said this on the subject, "We’ll pop up somewhere, unannounced, you will never see it coming and then we're gone. You know sometimes how they do underground parties, where they tell you like a day before or only a couple of hours before the party goes on they’ll tell you where it's at? We'll probably do that. It'll be like 20 minutes before a show. Drexciya live, in Japan somewhere, down in a sea-port or submarine park downtown that's how it would be.”
The mystery and surprises continue.

Friday, October 05, 2018

Dopplereffekt - Athanatos 12" on Leisure System +

There is a new 5 track Dopplereffekt 12"/digital download, Athanatos, on Leisure System soon. It also features contributions from 'fellow travellers' Carsten Nicolai (Alva Noto) and Olaf Bender. You can pre-order it at this Bandcamp link and listen to one track and watch visuals to go with it here. Athanatos means immortal when translated from Greek. Available from 26th October.

1. Athanatos
2. Hayflick Limit
3. Eukaryotic Chromosomes
4. Telomere
5. Mitosis

'Dopplereffekt’s unparalleled timeline extends with Athanatos, their fourth release for Leisure System. Advancing the considerations of growth and decay as presented on their Cellular Automata LP, the duo Rudolf Klorzeiger and To-Nhan here explore genetic conditions and chromosomal influences defining mortality, with partial data points presented in a rare collaboration with fellow travellers Carsten Nicolai and Olaf Bender.'.

Bit of a mystery for you. A remix/edit of Arpanet's 'Zero Volume' has been appearing in DJ sets by the likes of Marcel Dettman and DJ Hell. It is said to be on vinyl but a bootleg. This sped up version appears to have been made by Sterac aka Steve Rachmad with no official outlet in mind. Here is a link to a DJ set from April this year by Marcel Dettman which includes it. You can also now hear it at this YouTube link.

From what I can gather, the producer, Rene Wise, liked it so much he went to the trouble of making his own version of the remix in question and posted it on his Soundcloud account a year ago (now removed). The remix is pretty great and works really well for the dance-floor. Might it see an official release someday?

This is a James Stinson/Gerald Donald special from a few days ago on Intergalactic-fm by Moot (live from Chester, UK). Great stuff with informative between song links.

Arpanet are making their US debut at a Tresor in New York event on 6th October. The venue is in Brooklyn and the line up is amazing. If you can get there this will be special.

Dopplereffekt have contributed to the soundtrack of a new French film, Climax, with 'Superior Race' and 'Technic 1200'.

There is a whole page of Drexciya themed products at Techno Art Gallery website now. I'm also told that A Qadim Haqq 'will be releasing the full Drexciya comic story late next year - 'it's never before been told...A crowdfunding campaign will be launched soon for the remainder of the production costs.'

Historic Detour:  At least 5 years before Dopplereffekt would begin to regularly play live in Europe, they were listed to perform a show in 2001 with Ultradyne in the old UR building at 2030 Grand River, Detroit. This had been organised to tie-in with the Detroit Electronic Music Festival (now known as Movement). This show must also be the one that Drexciya were supposed to play at (as surprise guests?) but it got cancelled by the Police at the last minute. UR's Mike Banks spoke about it in, Infinite Journey To Inner Space: The Drexciya Legacy, by Mike Rubin for RBMA.

'The group apparently recorded their music live, but never played an actual concert, though there were plans for a Drexciya gig (on a bill along with Dopplereffekt and Ultradyne) during the 2001 Detroit Electronic Music Festival weekend. “I know they had rented a hall on Gratiot,” says Banks. “It was shaping up to be the after-party of the year, but they pulled no permits and the cops showed up. That’s about as close to a Drexciya live show that ever happened.”'

According to a Metro Times link close to the event date, the show may have been moved to Liberal Arts Gallery at 3361 Gratiot (this story doesn't list Drexciya either, see comments for link). Maybe they were using Shadowpusher as an alias? I can't find anything about this act.

This earlier forum message from Alex Lugo (now ex-Ultradyne) is the only other trace of it online and uses the original address.

Did this show really not happen, were any of you there or were planning to go, please comment.

Produced by: Fulcrum Innovations
Address: 2030 Grand River Detroit, MI 48226
Date and Time: May 27, 2001 10PM-6AM
Price: $20 in advance $20 at the door
Lineup: Live Dopplereffekt, Tresor, Gigolo, Detroit
Ultradyne, Pi Gao Movement
Tangible, Pi Gao Movement, Detroit
Shadowpusher, Detroit
Adam X, Sonic Groove, NYC
Heather Heart, Sonic Groove, NYC
Luna, NYEX, Up & Under, NYC
Johanna Constantine, NYC

Friday, September 14, 2018

Happy Birthday James Stinson and more

Today would have been James Stinson's 49th birthday. To  mark this day his friend, the graphic artist Abdul Haqq, posted this never before seen image of James on his Facebook page, The Drexciyan Empire. This is only the third image we have seen of him.

This is certainly a very Drexciyan story. If you are curious what could happen slaves of the 1700s you will find this podcast very interesting.
'In 1761 a French schooner was shipwrecked in the Indian Ocean, leaving more than 200 people stranded on a tiny island. The crew departed in a makeshift boat, leaving 60 Malagasy slaves to fend for themselves and wait for rescue. In this week's episode of the Futility Closet podcast we'll tell the story of the Tromelin Island castaways, which one observer calls "arguably the most extraordinary story of survival ever documented."'

This is a Gerald Donald special mix from IDA Raadio last month. They are based in Tallinn, Estonia.

Analogue Interface, an Australian based radio show, had a Drexciya Day show and have an excellent and extensive piece about their influence on a number of producers they interviewed, including Go Nuclear, Detroit's Filthiest, DVS NME, Fleck Esc, Rings Around Saturn, 96 Back, Cygnus, Defekt, Jensen Interceptor, Adapta, Datawave, Blixaboy, Reedale Rise, Assembler Code and Daze. 

UK producer and DJ, Captain Johnson, has created a new EP dedicated to James Stinson. All the tracks were recorded live with an Electribe 2, Tr-09, JX-03 and Volca FM.You can hear all the tracks in full at this link.
This is a really great mix of Heinrich Mueller remixes by morri to whet your appetite for the new compilation, False Vacuum, on WeMe Records.

Here is yet another new Stinson/Mueller mix for you to explore and others here and here.

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Heinrich Mueller - False Vacuum remix/remodel compilation on WeMe Records

WeMe Records have compiled a very nice collection of Heinrich Mueller remixes/remodels. The 2xLP, False Vacuum, is now available for pre-order at this link. Initially there are 200 blue vinyl exclusive to the WeMe webshop and later there will be 500 on black vinyl for Clone Distribution (you can pre-order it here). Keeping up with this aspect of Mueller's work has been one of the most enjoyable parts of doing DRL. There are so many real gems hidden away on obscure labels in very limited editions and it's great that some of these are going to get a bit more exposure again.You can sample all of the tracks at the pre-order link.

A1 The Hacker - Fadin'away (Heinrich Müeller Remix) 
A2 Tuxedomoon - What Use (Heinrich Mueller Technik Mix) 
B1 Station Rose - Dave (Heinrich Mueller Stanley Kubrick's Vision Mix) 
B2 The Advent - Untitled (Heinrich Mueller Remix) 
C1 Duplex - P.O.M. (Heinrich Mueller Time Dilation 2 Mix) 
C2 Stingray - The Sadist (Heinrich Mueller Remix) 
C3 DJ Stingray - Drone FX (Heinrich Mueller Remix) 
D1 Albert Van Abbe - NCS_0009121010 (Heinrich Mueller Remodel) 
D2 Alek Stark - HALO 8 (Heinrich Mueller Remix) 
This project has been in the pipeline for sometime and I helped select the tracks and wrote the promo text for it (below). Glad to see it is almost with us!

This is the first time any of Heinrich Mueller's highly sought after remodels/reworks have been compiled together. Many have been previously available only on limited releases and have patiently been awaiting discovery by a wider audience. For those who don't know, since the mid '90s Heinrich Mueller (Dreciya/Dopplereffekt) has been quietly amassing an impressive catalogue of these unique productions (currently about 40+) which completely transforms the other artist's track to his own exacting specifications. To the effect that there might be very little or nothing at all left of the original production. These 9 specially selected examples embrace all facets of his approach.
First up is the ultra smooth and minimal 'Fadin' Away' by The Hacker from 2000, probably one of his most sublime and timeless creations. Then jump forward to 2011 when he serves up an infectious and sparse slice of robot funk for Albert van Abbe's 'NCS_0009121010'. By the time of Alek Stark's 'Halo 6' (2014) he's still got the dance-floor on his mind, but it's located on an alien or perhaps underwater world in some dimension parallel to our own. In 2009 he works for the first time with fellow Drexciyan traveller DJ Stingray and delivers the hard edged but still quite delicate 'Drone FX'. Jump to 2005 and he conjures the playfully disjointed 'P.O.M. (Time Dilation Mix 2)' for Duplex. In 2000, when he had a close relationship to the label, International DeeJay Gigolo, who were releasing Dopplereffekt and the first fruits of Der Zyklus, they commissioned him to make a series of groundbreaking mixes. On one of which he got to mesh his own futuristic vision with that of Stanley Kubrick on 'Dave' by Station Rose. The other closes this collection and is another of his most accessible works, with the best bassline, 'What Use' by the legendary '70s San Francisco band, Tuxedomoon. In 2011 he also produced a darkly atmospheric and relentlessly mechanical interpretation of DJ Stingray's 'The Sadist'. In 2003, another of his best production efforts, again aimed off-squarely at yet another form of mutant dance floor, came out of a total revamp of an untitled track by The Advent. Fittingly this was originally included on Recreations, an album where artists were invited to do what Heinrich Mueller does best.

There will be a Drexciya Day/tribute event in London on Sat 1st Sept, Cambridge on 1st Sept,  Tallinn, Estonia on 1st Sept, Vienna on 5th Sept, Glasgow on Friday 14th September, Rome on 7th September and Manchester on Sat 8th September. I wasn't sure if I should suggest doing this again this year but as fans have already taken the initiative (like Dublin fans last year) maybe more of you would like to organise your own events around the world. Last year there were tributes in London, Manchester, Birmingham, Dublin, Rome and on radio.