Saturday, April 23, 2011

Drexciya Interviews Still Online

I went looking to see which of the original online interviews with James Stinson are still available to read and thanks to fans and improved archiving I found they all are! In no order, the first is with Andrew Duke in December 1999, I’m not sure what website he was writing for originally but it’s currently hosted on his own website; second is by Tim Pratt for Detroit Free Times in September 2002; third was by Derek Beere for FutureBPM in June 2002 and finally John Osselaer for TechnoTourist in February 2002. If these links don't work, copy and paste the address it's trying to load into the WaybackMachine or just hit the Impatient? link and you should find it. Some print edition interviews with him can also be read online now too. Melody Maker’s 1995 interview has been transcribed and archived; the Tim Barr interview for Muzik in 1997 can be read in full now too and lastly Nick Phillips for Groovesmag in 2001 can as well. These were more or less the interviews I cut up into sections and collected as one of the very first posts on DRL, Drexciya Speaks. There was also a very short Q&A with Stinson in Energy Flash zine from 1996. Of course the most heard interview he did must be his appearance on Liz Copland's show on Detroit Radio in 2002. These quotes I also transcribed into Drexciya Speaks. There was one other print edition interview with him by Richard Brophy for Clubbing in 2002 which is not online but I have already used his quotes from this for Drexciya Speaks. It should go without saying that if you do have any other interviews I would appreciate the info. There may be another one by Tim Barr in 1994 out there somewhere.
Internet Archive was very useful in finding some of this stuff and it has also managed to save Stinson's own primitive Drexciya website from 2002, Ride Dimensional Waves, worth a look. This should keep you all busy reading anyway!


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